This project is read-only. detecting incompatible browser when opening SWB, how to fix?

Sep 23 at 4:57 AM
Suddenly broken for me: this month (Sept 2017) upon briinging up the S Web Recorder screen, I'm only getting a half-baked spotify opening screen with a message bar at the top saying 'this browser doesn't support spotify web player' with a hyper link to 'switch browers' which is inactive at least on my screen. Seems I can't sort of bypass this screen and do a login to some portal of my spotify account but I never get a full spotify web browser screen with my full saved playlists etc. Has spotify changed their browser detection again? Reading the code I notice that SWB is invoking but that site doesn't like the embedded mozilla based browser currently built into SWB. Anyone know how to tweak/fix the code and recompile it?
Nov 16 at 1:59 PM