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Regional blocking


Not really an issue with the recorder itself,but rather the intergrated browser.
The browser(based on Mozilla Gecko) cannot overcome regional blocking,and directs to local Spotify domains.

In countries where Spotfy is normally not available(quite a few),people use VPN extensions or apps to access Spotify Web player or client.

The recorder becomes non-functional when accessing from these countries as the inbuilt browser apparently has no support for VPN extensions or add-ons.


Salvorhardin54 wrote Aug 6, 2015 at 10:51 PM

There is obviously another option.And it worked for me.

Instead of in-browser VPNs ,one can use external ones like Cyberghost which has a free option with limited usage (and a queue with a lot of Auto-logouts) or others on free trial if you are unwilling to pay for a full browser-independent VPN service just to access sites like Spotify for a few times.

Though, it would be nice to have one an option for VPN extension in the recorder also.
I could try to get it coded to integrate add-ons,but its already sort of working for me.Its obviously up to the dev if he chooses to do this.