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Some audio missing at beginning of files


The tool works great! I got a bunch of tracks ripped, with good quality and nice filenames.

But - a tiny bit of audio is lost in the beginning of each MP3 file. Seems to be about 0,1 second or so. For some songs you don't hear the difference, but in other cases the initial drumbeat is somewhat "cut off" in the beginning.

Someone else seeing this behaviour?

I was thinking it could be a configuration - the threshold value when recording starts? It could also be nice if the software could include an extra 0,1 sec (or even 0,05..) of the audio samples before the threshold point, just to make sure nothing gets lost in the capture/encoding.

Attaching an example - first snippet is the intro captured straight into Audacity, and the second is from the MP3 captured by Spotify Web Recorder.

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