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Problem with Adobe Flash ?


If i start the spotify web player, it continous to say "to enjoy, please install Adobe Flash. Its free."
But it freshly reinstalled the latest version.

If i open the sound mixer, there is the application "Adobe Flash Player 17.0 r0" visible.
Im using a german Win7 64Bit installation.

After trying a while, i opend spotify IN THE FIREFOX BROWSER parallel (not the clasic application!), and logged in to spotify in the browser. The website is:
After a restart of the spotify recorder, the spotify website finaly opened in the recorder tool!!!!
After starting a song from the recorder, it told me "Now Recording: Birdy.... blabla".

The second point fo find out, was to set the volume of the "Stereomix (Conexant HD Audio...)" to zero! (in the menue which opends after klicking on "open Sound Mixer")
Otherwise the sound was damaged. I suppose it does otherwise replay the stuff it is recording at the same time.

Thanxs so far for the application!!!
Since the "Spotify Recorder" stopped working in March 15, this is now THE TOOL !!!


fridde wrote Aug 12, 2015 at 6:04 PM

I have the same problem: I'm stuck in the "Get Flash"-panel.

But I couldn't solve the problem by opening Spotify in a different browser.
I have the web app playing in Chrome and I checked that I have the most recent Flash.

Any ideas?

Michel17000 wrote Oct 22, 2016 at 8:15 AM

I discovered that there are several versions of the plugin. You need to install the one for firefox browser (NPAPI).